Saturday, April 30, 2011

No One Lives Forever

And that includes

So there's no reason to not smile
everyday in our lives.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Nike boy...

Before we only had Nike,
he was a happy dog.
He was.

After I had another puppy around,
he just ain't the same no more.
Poor thing...
but hey,
the truth is I still sayang the big one more.
The young one sucks,
that's right, you heard me.
Who gives?

Sincerely hope Nike could
keep up that smile of his
like he used to.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phases Of A Man

everyone starts in a bubble,
for some people they share a bubble,
every babies are the same,
baby boy or girl,

they sleep
they cry
they drink

2 years later,
the lovable phase,
where the baby sticks to you all the time and gives adorable face
4 years later,
the hyper phase,
where he'll get excited so easily, just about anything at all would turn the machine "ON"

7 - 17 years old,
the player stage,
where video games are addictive as hell and nothing else matters
Off to college,
the shameless phase,
where a group of friends do whatever they wanna, laugh hard and they don't give a damn
After graduation,
the rethink phase,
where a guy thinks back all the stupid things he had done in the pass and thinking of being single foreverForever Alone.

Upon getting a job,
the bitter phase,
where a guy will try to find happiness within his dull dull same ol' everyday life
In the 50's,
the mid-life crises phase,
where the guy is a pain in the ass for his family members

Some years later,
the disappointing phase,
where the guy's children are disappointments to him
And then eventually turns into another old man
who would start appreciating life
and tell the young minds to appreciate life too.

And the lesson here is:
Stay Happy,
Keep Up The Smile.
Because life would end sooner than we think
just like you've just finish reading the guy's life within 5 minutes.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Grow Up?

"I had a tough time growing up, and growing up isn't easy, it's not easy at all." he said."Must learn to be responsible for your action, finish what you've started! This is called growing up and that's part of life" she said."Sleep earlier in the night la! 不要日夜颠倒!" he said, all the time.

"So... growing up huh?" I thought.

"Nah... I'm still young! I have a whole life ahead of me!"

"I'll leave it to the 2013's Ming Fai."